MA Athletic Facilities

Madison Academy is blessed with excellent facilities in which to train and perform.  Our stadium is considered the finest in Madison County, and our air-conditioned field house includes a large weight room, locker rooms for Varsity/JV and Middle School teams, and a training room complete with extremity and whole-body whirlpools and therapeutic ultrasound equipment.

Jack Kelly Gymnasium has recently been renovated with new bleacher back seating as well as outfitted with a state of the art digital signage scorer’s table. Jeff Stinnett Athletic Complex currently houses both a Softball and a Baseball field and capital project plans that include future fields.

Ronnie Chesser Tennis Complex currently has two courts with future plans of adding at least 2, maybe four more courts to be able to host Area Championships.

A certified athletic trainer, who attends every practice and game, to assure that our student-athletes have the best medical attention, staffs our Training Room.

Our Weight Room is staffed by a specialist in athletic weight training, who is there daily for every training session, and provides a year-round program tailored to the specific needs of each student-athlete.