Mustang Cross Country Review

Congratulations to Varsity Girls’ athletes Julianne Hill and Mary Frances (Meme) Burch!
Both girls captured Elite Finisher awards at the 2017 Twilight Panther Prowl this past Saturday. Julianne won the 1A-4A race and was 2nd overall in the Varsity B Race, behind only one 7A athlete.
Varsity Girls’ 5K 1A – 4A Top 10 Elite
Julianne Hill – Champion
Meme Burch – 6th
JV Boys 2500m 1A – 4A Top 10*
Caley Busby – 7th
Avery Butler – 8th
JV Boys 2500m 1A – 4A Top 10*
Alex Cioppi – 10th
Alex Cioppi and Varsity Boys’ athlete, David Matthews, set their 4th consecutive PRs in the Panther Prowl races. Other athletes who set new season’s best times or PR’s on Saturday include:
Mary Frances Burch, Lilli Burch, Carter Busby, Ben Hall
In addition to supporting the MA Finish Line Club’s 1st Annual Car & Truck Show, the mighty Mustangs served the Huntsville Hospital Foundation at the Autumn Chase Run last week and competed in two other meets.
Chickasaw Trails
Varsity Girls’ 1A – 4A Top 15 Elite
Julianne Hill – 7th
JV Boys 1A – 4A Top 15 Elite
Carter Busby – 10th
New PR’s: 
David Matthews (5K)
Alex Rankin (5K)
Matthew Bacon (2.1 M)
Carter Busby (2.1 M)
Alex Cioppi (2.1 M)
Ben Hall (2.1 M)
Caley Busby (2.1 M)
Avery Butler (2.1 M)
Randolph Classic Mud Run
Varsity Girls’ 1A – 4A Top 15 Elite
Julianne Hill – 5th
JV Boys 1A – 4A Top 15 Elite**
Carter Busby – 2nd
Ben Hall – 13th
JV Girls 1A – 4A Top 15 Elite**
Lilli Burch – 15th
New PR’s: 
Alex Cioppi (2 M)*
Mary Frances Burch (3 M)
Emery Mills (3 M)
David Matthews (3 M)*
Alex Rankin (3 M)
*David Matthews set another PR; a three minute decrease compared to his time in the same race last year. It was his 3rd consecutive PR in XC’s three races this season. Joining David in also setting his 3rd PR in XC’s three races is rookie *Alex Cioppi.
 *Extrapolated Results
**Extrapolated Results